A visit at Caran d’Ache store

The first time I heard about Caran d’Ache pencils was when I was in school. My father had a metal box with some colored pencils and I loved using them. However I had no idea about their quality.

This year, while I got more and more into this art supplies world, I learned that their quality is exceptional and I’ve seen some reviews on Youtube.

On my trip to Italy, I got to try some Caran d’Ache pastels pencils from Jane Davenport and my curiosity got stronger. I wanted to buy some and test them in my studio and see what this is all bout.

So a few days ago I was at Baneasa Mall in Bucharest and paid a visit to their boutique store. My daughter was with me and we both felt like kids walking in a toy store! The girls working there were very welcoming and we got to try some pencils.

20161105_130250 20161105_130255

First I took a few Pastel pencils and tested them on a piece of watercolor paper. The texture was chalky (like pastel should feel) but not as dusty as other brands I use. I quickly grabbed my favourite colors and sketched a face. My daughter took over from there and by the time I got to test the Luminance pencils, she already completed my drawing, adding some of her own touch.


The staff was very helpful and answered all my questions regarding the different types of pencils, the diferencies between them, etc. In one corner they have a place prepared for testing and we could sit down and have a blast with all their pencils and acrylics. Then they wold hang the drawings on a small board like an exhibiton. It was so much fun!





In the end I bought some pastels and some Luminance pencils in my favourite colors so that I could test them at home, and see how they behave with other supplies (watercolors, acrylics, markers, on paper, wood, etc). I will come back with full impresions and comments.


Do you have any experience with Caran d’Ache pencils? I would love to hear it!

Have a day full of color!


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