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Hello and welcome to my website, Universul Interior (Inner Universe).

My name is Mihaela Calota and I live in Bucharest, Romania, together with my daughter. I would live to have a cat but, unfortunatelly, I’m allergic to cats. But we have friends with cats and we visit them regularly 🙂

I like to approach life in a holistic manner, integrating body, mind, emotions and soul altogether. I am amazed how our thoughts and believes, actions and words shape our world, both inside and outside. I truly believe that each and every one of us is carving it’s own reality and has the power to change it!

I love being creative with my life, traveling and discovering new places, connecting with people. In general, goind and explorig what is “out there in the world”. This always brings me inspiration and a place for growing and self-discovery.

My life as an artist began in the very early years and I remember that as a child I would draw all day long. Whne I was 5 I was making copies of my grandmother’s religios paintings and always bringing my own twist.


Then somehow life took it’s own way and fast forward I went through school and University (Academy of Economic Studies), got married and then divorced, getting my beautiful child. I’m now running my distribution comapny (it was founded by my mother and when she retired, I took over management).

Then the Artist in me woke up in 2012 and I literally got in my car and rushed in the art-supply store. There I was, standing in the middle of it, stearing at all those gorgeous supplies, not knowing were to start. A gentleman working there asked me if he can help. I said: I just want to paint, what do I need? And that’s how it all started!

For the first year I painted Sacred Geometry using acrylics, canvas, wood panels, glass and textile, essential oils and all types of gems and embelishments.


At a certain point I felt I needed to move to the next step and I discovered Tamara Laporte’s LifeBook and then Jane Davenport. Together naturally came all the Mixed Media Community with wonderful teachers, mind-blowing ideas, loads of art-supplies that do wonders on a piece of paper.

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I learned so much from all these people and my creativity literally took off to new horisons.

I learned that I love exploring the endless posibilities and ways in which one can express itself through art! The sky is the limit!!

I am cosntantly inspired by other people’s work and amazed how I can bring it in and transform in my own way of expressing things and feelings. Art can be healing in so many aspects, it brings joy to the soul.

I created this website because I love to give back to the world from what I recived, adding my own interpertation, understandings and twists.

Thank you for your visit, I hope you enjoy my creations and you will come back for more!






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