Girl with Hair of Roses

The moment I saw this page added in my hand-made journal, I knew that the two big roses will make up a girl’s hair… like two gorgeous buns sitting on top of her head.

So my first step was to prep the paper with a nice layer of Matte Medium. I use Liquitex and I love the efect.


Then I decided to use one of Jane Davenport’s face stencils that I have bought last winter. I find them very useful when I want to create something but not feeling very confident on doing a face (yes, it hapens to all of us) or I only have a very short time to do it. I did this project in several days, working when I could find 10-15 min to spare. So instead of dragging the time, I just choose one stencil and did it.


I did the tracking with a Tombow marker as I have quite a few and so far only my daughter was brave enough to use them (actually the moment she saw them she just jumped right at them and was so thrilled to play… that gave me some food for thought over my procrastination times). Anyhow, I just picked a color and did the tracking.


Then I added a neck, sketched the hair and hair-buns (the roses). Next step was to add some acrylic paint on the neck and face area and hair. I used Ceramcoat acrylics as they are so very matte and any other media will work on top (it has like a grit that helps).


Then rescketched the face features once the paint was dry. This time I used a Caran d’Ache colored pencil.


Then I started adding shades on the face, details in the eyes and mouth, color in her cheeks. It was my first time using Tombows on acrylics and I found that challenging as the colors would chage quite a lot once it was dry.


I wanted to make her stand out a bit so I muted the background with some watercolor, neutral tint from Schminke. More adjustments and details on the face and the final touch: some gold watercolor in the background and on the rose petals.


I really loved doing her and I must say that it is getting more and more interesting working on a given background rather than having a white, blank paper. Will definetely do it again.

I hope you like my project and you will come back for more. Now off to do some art!








A visit at Caran d’Ache store

The first time I heard about Caran d’Ache pencils was when I was in school. My father had a metal box with some colored pencils and I loved using them. However I had no idea about their quality.

This year, while I got more and more into this art supplies world, I learned that their quality is exceptional and I’ve seen some reviews on Youtube.

On my trip to Italy, I got to try some Caran d’Ache pastels pencils from Jane Davenport and my curiosity got stronger. I wanted to buy some and test them in my studio and see what this is all bout.

So a few days ago I was at Baneasa Mall in Bucharest and paid a visit to their boutique store. My daughter was with me and we both felt like kids walking in a toy store! The girls working there were very welcoming and we got to try some pencils.

20161105_130250 20161105_130255

First I took a few Pastel pencils and tested them on a piece of watercolor paper. The texture was chalky (like pastel should feel) but not as dusty as other brands I use. I quickly grabbed my favourite colors and sketched a face. My daughter took over from there and by the time I got to test the Luminance pencils, she already completed my drawing, adding some of her own touch.


The staff was very helpful and answered all my questions regarding the different types of pencils, the diferencies between them, etc. In one corner they have a place prepared for testing and we could sit down and have a blast with all their pencils and acrylics. Then they wold hang the drawings on a small board like an exhibiton. It was so much fun!





In the end I bought some pastels and some Luminance pencils in my favourite colors so that I could test them at home, and see how they behave with other supplies (watercolors, acrylics, markers, on paper, wood, etc). I will come back with full impresions and comments.


Do you have any experience with Caran d’Ache pencils? I would love to hear it!

Have a day full of color!

Touareg girl – watercolor and collage

Wellcome to my first post about art, containing a step-by-step developing of a painting I did. I hope you will find it useful and will inspire you to pull out your supplies and create something.

Sometimes when I want to paint but I have no idea what exactly, I start browsing through all my inspirational photos that I collected in my devices.

And so I did yesterday and I was inspired by an almost full profile of a woman with a turban. And since I am not very good friends with collage, I decided to at least get acquaintances with this technique. Instantly I remembrered that I bought from Italy some gorgeous marbled papers and it really felt like the right thing to use.

First I sketched the face using a colored pencil, as I learned from Jane Davenport. She has some cool techniques that are so simple and effective and I found that I simply can’t go wrong if I follow them! And yes, everybody is right: It actually gets easier and easier if you practice!


Then I added some shading with the same pencil in the darkest area. I did not insist very much on using the pencil because I knew I was going to come with watercolors later and I love building layers of color.


For the next step I pulled my marbled paper and tore some pieces that I arranged into the drawing. I did not glue them right away, only I took a picture of the set arrangement so that I could use as reference when it was gluing time.


Then I set aside the collage papers and started adding some watercolor to the face. I used Schminke Horadam, Jane Davenport pallette. I would always use light washes of color so that I could come back over and over again with more layers.


Once this was done and dry, I glued down the collage pieces, using Liquitex Matte Medium. I found very useful the picture that I took earlier.


Once it was all dry I added the background with watercolor, indigo color. A dark like that always helps the other ones shine and be noticed. So whenever you want to bring forward something or make it more noticeble, use some dark color (like indigo, neutral tint, Payne’s grey, dark blue) and you will se how that does wonders to your work.

I also added some indigo shading in her turban to bring in some depth and structure to the fabric and added some final details with my white Sharpie.



I really enjoyed doing this project and bringing her to life!

I hope you found the info useful and if you have any questions, shoot! I would be happy to answer.